Daedalus has landed!

Dear Friends and supporters

Almost a year passed since I came to Athens, to live with refugees, to work with them, to sleep on the floors of many squatted buildings. Thanks to your generous support — only in part I refer here to the financial aspect — I was able to do a bit of good, to help few people and to learn a lot about reality — not always pleasant — behind refugee-related PR.

I made some friends and some enemies — and I am proud of both. And then finally I found the place, where a small group of dedicated people struggles to create a really inclusive community. Before refugees in Greece became a trendy topic, Prosfygika was already giving shelter to migrants, refugees and many other misfits. Today, there is a community there, run in an anarchist-ish way, keeping the neighborhood alive and taking care of those rejected by all levels of “humanitarian sector”.

Over last several months I became involved in maintaining the community infrastructure, creation of neighborhood computer network, doing everything that is possible to make life of Prosfygika people better. To help more people, coming here in search of shelter and security.

So, Daedalus has landed. We open next stage in our life and our work. And you are invited to join us and Prosfygika — for short or long time.

This website is no longer active. All new information will show either at the Prosfygika community website, or at Freelab page, which was recently way too neglected.

Join us in Prosfygika!

Empowering People Through Technology