The Mystery Of Cornucopia Lorry

Thanks to our friend Kerrie Moor, who coordinates humanitarian efforts among several independent teams in Athens, we had a surprise visit last Friday.  A lorry, accompanied by several gentlemen, appeared in the night and just dropped almost 300 kG of various food, including fresh lamb’s meat, vegetables, carrots, potatoes and onion. Next morning they surprised us again, bringing rice, lentils, various sweet and unhealthy snacks (THANK YOU!) and toiletries.

Running against the clock, we prepared over 30 packages for families and vulnerable persons in our neighborhood. Each bag contained an assortment of vegetables&fruits, and a portion of lamb.  The rest of freshies together with snacks and non-food items, we transferred to the communal space and kitchen, so all residents can help themselves freely to it. Part of the provisions we decided to share with another independent migrant squat, at Kanigos 22. I will transfer the cargo today or tomorrow.

Staple food — rice, lentils, oil, potatoes etc — is stored in our section and will be given to the people upon request or used for communal cooking and baking as needed.

See the photostory at Imgur!

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