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Here we publish our studies and concepts to be implemented (hopefully rather sooner than later).

Infrastructure Challenges

Building computer network is fun, but to keep Prosfygika a livable place, we have to face severe technical challenges. And face them quickly.

Most of technical problems we can solve on our own, provided equipment, materials and funding will be available. What we need badly are skilled people to lead and coordinate work, and to turn our unskilled people into another skilled people.

On average, squatters do not pay a lot of attention to infrastructure, once bare minimum is provided.  In single building squats the whole infrastructure is in, so it is at least visible and people have chance to check it easily. In Prosfygika, as it is a cluster of squatted apartments, there is a lot of “in-between” pieces, which are not properly maintained.

As the technical group, we focus on that part. Helping people in their individual spaces as much as we can, we decided that shared infrastructure is our priority. Because  without it, there will be no neighborhood any more.

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2016/2017 transition and New Year resolutions

2016 summary

With the change of the calendar year, several things ended and some new ones are officially started.  Here’s a brief outline:

The technical facility at Polytechnio has been effectively closed. No single entity nor person, except for direct participants of Daedalus Project, showed any interest in using the equipment installed there. Thus, we decided to move all equipment to Prosfygika, where it’s getting daily use.

Still, if anybody needs technical help, we are happy to provide it,  within our means, either in Prosfygika or on the spot, wherever needed.

The Polytechnio location, after removing the stock of materials, will be transferred anybody who is interested in squatting it for the common good.

Squatted neighborhood of Prosfygika becomes new center of operations. Laying outside of famous Exarchia, staying under the radar of mainstream volunteers and aid donors, Prosfygika hosts migrants from Morocco, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey and many more. We live and work there for several months now and the need for infrastructural support there is huge. Continue reading 2016/2017 transition and New Year resolutions