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Operation Big Leak. Day #1

So, we decided to face The Big Leak.

The story so far…

Some 3 years ago a squatter was trying to do something with the water connection in our block. It is unclear what exactly was his idea and nobody knows what happened. Squatters do not really boast long memory or situation awareness. Enough to say that the popular knowledge is the guy either broke the valve or punctured the water pipe.

As the water erupted, his best idea was to pour enough concrete on it to stop the leak. And then some dirt&gravel. And then some more concrete. Out of sight, out of mind as they say.

Now, I do not really know if anything of that really worked. But when we arrived here 5 months ago, the leak was happily seeping through the whole sarcophagus, growing every week. And it was already considered long-term problem. Continue reading Operation Big Leak. Day #1

The Mystery Of Cornucopia Lorry

Thanks to our friend Kerrie Moor, who coordinates humanitarian efforts among several independent teams in Athens, we had a surprise visit last Friday.  A lorry, accompanied by several gentlemen, appeared in the night and just dropped almost 300 kG of various food, including fresh lamb’s meat, vegetables, carrots, potatoes and onion. Next morning they surprised us again, bringing rice, lentils, various sweet and unhealthy snacks (THANK YOU!) and toiletries. Continue reading The Mystery Of Cornucopia Lorry

Business as usual

Life goes on, over all tragedies, big and small. Immediately after my return from the UK (you will read more about that visit outcome, but later) we resumed hands-on work in Prosfygika. Winter is coming, water is leaking, new flats are being opened & cleande and — on top of that — we had a brief hail storm, dropping ice pebbles through glassless windows into our apartments…


Anarchist Book Fair London, 29th of October

poster2016smI was invited by the Anarchist Book Fair in London ( have a public meeting, sharing my experience of creating “technical community” among migrants in refugee squats of Athens. The short title is “Liberatory Technology”

It is going to be rather interesting and perhaps controversial event, so I invite you to come and have some (cognitive) fun.

Venue: Park View School
West Green Road, London, N15 3QR

My event starts at 1 pm in the room LG4, Learning Centre, Ground Floor. If you want to see me before or after the meeting, I will certainly be cruising there all day.

Come and enjoy!


Cambridge talk, 27th of October

screenshot-from-2016-10-20-112442I was invited by the community of Newnham College, Cambridge University ( to give a public talk about my work and experiences from Athens. If you feel like joining us and participate, I am sure you will enjoy it.

The official title is “Wings DIY. Empowering Migrants Through Technology”

Location: Barbara White Room, Entrance from Sidgwick Avenue, ask at the porter’s lodge for directions.

Soft start at 19:30

FB event link:


First steps in Prosfygika

We got our first assignment in Prosfygika. Three members of LTG moved into a flat, being a challenge of itself. No hot water, malfunctioning toilet, practically no bathroom. Half of electric installation burned and dead. No door lock, more than half of the windows without glass or missing altogether. As for the winter preparation, we have a lot of fresh air and that’s it. :-) Continue reading First steps in Prosfygika

Cooperation with Prosfygika started!

We are happy to announce that the cooperation between LTG and Prosfygika migrant squatting neigborhood has been mutually agreed. Starting from HandyPack program, we will be helping new migrant families make their flats livable, build furniture and prepare existing apartments for the winter. It is a huge challenge, as there are around 50 flats that can be adapted, each can host up to 10 people. You can read more about Prosfygika here (in Greek: and here (in English:

Prosfygika brochure in English (PDF)

We will tell you more about the present and future of Prosfygika soon!