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Local technical group is a project of setting a network of maintenance and infrastructure development units in local communities. Supported by central hub in “LTG Gini” location, they will be taking care of their living environment.

Infrastructure Challenges

Building computer network is fun, but to keep Prosfygika a livable place, we have to face severe technical challenges. And face them quickly.

Most of technical problems we can solve on our own, provided equipment, materials and funding will be available. What we need badly are skilled people to lead and coordinate work, and to turn our unskilled people into another skilled people.

On average, squatters do not pay a lot of attention to infrastructure, once bare minimum is provided.  In single building squats the whole infrastructure is in, so it is at least visible and people have chance to check it easily. In Prosfygika, as it is a cluster of squatted apartments, there is a lot of “in-between” pieces, which are not properly maintained.

As the technical group, we focus on that part. Helping people in their individual spaces as much as we can, we decided that shared infrastructure is our priority. Because  without it, there will be no neighborhood any more.

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First steps in Prosfygika

We got our first assignment in Prosfygika. Three members of LTG moved into a flat, being a challenge of itself. No hot water, malfunctioning toilet, practically no bathroom. Half of electric installation burned and dead. No door lock, more than half of the windows without glass or missing altogether. As for the winter preparation, we have a lot of fresh air and that’s it. :-) Continue reading First steps in Prosfygika

Cooperation with Prosfygika started!

We are happy to announce that the cooperation between LTG and Prosfygika migrant squatting neigborhood has been mutually agreed. Starting from HandyPack program, we will be helping new migrant families make their flats livable, build furniture and prepare existing apartments for the winter. It is a huge challenge, as there are around 50 flats that can be adapted, each can host up to 10 people. You can read more about Prosfygika here (in Greek: and here (in English:

Prosfygika brochure in English (PDF)

We will tell you more about the present and future of Prosfygika soon!

Woodworking center improvements

We are yet to install internet link to our basement, so the communication is less smooth for a while. But during last three days we managed to:

  1. Buy the last big piece of equipment — table-top circular saw.
  2. Assemble the Shelterbed — now in the version for squats: 2-level bunk bed, simple, lightweight, comfortable and robust.
  3. Set up room #2 (woodworking) so we can really work in it.
  4. Build a nice tool rack for hand tools (power tools will have their own lockable cabinet as well.

See the pictures!

Statement on the occupation of technical facility at Technical University in Exarchia

Statement of Local Technical Group
about occupied industrial facility
in Gini building
of Technical Univerity of Athens

Our self-appointed task is the organization and provision of all technological knowledges and services within our collective capability, to all individuals and collectives who would stand with us in this struggle.

To this end we occupy the space in the basement of Gini building, which will serve self-organised projects, mostly housing communities of refugees, migrants and all free people as a manufacturing, technical support, research & development and education center. Thus we extend the mission of Technical University beyond formalised structures. Continue reading Statement on the occupation of technical facility at Technical University in Exarchia

Handypack #0 available for evaluation

Thanks to our British friends (and Benedictine monks from London) today we were able to buy first HandyPack set (officially: #0). We will use it for demonstration purposes, to show communities what’s inside and to encourage more donors. Please help us buy first ten of them, dropping your share at

This is how it looks:

To be improved soon by:

  • Adding shoes repair tool
  • Getting bigger toolbox.

HandyPack to the people!

Pavlos, tool expert in Athens’ Leroy Merlin, helped us to get really optimised and inexpensive set of tools for HandyPack v. 1 Click the picture to see the list of content.

Thanks to the growing support we receive, we can start helping more communities in Athens. Instead of single “tool library” (this concept doesn’t really work in squatting environment) we decided to introduce HandyPack — a toolbox full of goodies, which we provide to every willing community. It is a package deal, though: we promise to refill the materials, fix or replace broken tools and help local handy(wo)men if the problem is too big for them. In return we expect proper care and use of tools, credits to LTG for support and working contact with skilled members of the community — for our long term projects. See the full conditions of cooperation here.

So, now the fundraising time: every 200 Euro buys one HandyPack. Please drop some funding at or contact us directly — if you are in Athens, we can go together and buy a HandyPack directly at the magazine.

Less fuel, more cooking!

Tested on humans...We have prepared and tested the “haybox cooker” (aka fireless cooker) — thermally insulated box, helping cook food in “retained heat”.
The method is simple. Instead of keeping the pot on the fire all time, until the food is ready, we boil it once and then close in tight, thermally insulated box, where it keeps cooking “itself”. Continue reading Less fuel, more cooking!