The ways you can help

For current and specific needs you can help with now, see “Support Us” page!

  • Regular donations: essential for our continuity.
    Some call it “overhead”, but it is rather underfoot. One cannot do the infrastructure work without standing budget. In our case the need for standing monthly donations varies from 300 Euro (bare survival) through 600 Euro (monthly maintenance materials, fuel, Internet fee etc. funded) to 1000 Euro (covers also gradual renewal of ageing equipment and resupplying consumables). Talk to us, if you want to help this way.

  • Targeted donations: to expand infrastructure and special projects.
    On top of it, we need donations related to some project. It may be a standard “HandyPack” — a set of tools for a community (~240 Euro), window glass, wood and other materials for winterization and furniture-making projects. Talk to us, if you want to help this way.

  • Sponsored purchases and donations in kind.
    f it comes to minor items, like tablets, electronic modules, cameras, projectors or laptops, the best way is donation in kind. We will put old equipment to work with no problem. People from the emerging hackerspace group will be keen to learn and experiment. Several of our projects also need additional equipment, for information and communication purposes. Generally, whatever is either available in Greece or can sensibly be delivered there, we are happy to acquire. Talk to us, if you want to help this way.

    For bigger and more specialised equipment, especially machinery, we recommend sponsored purchases. Our part is to find a source and specify exactly what is needed and what is the price for that. Donor is presented with all details needed to make a payment. The equipment, once paid is delivered and installed in our facility, but remains the property of the donor — we are only granted stewardship to use, share and maintain it. Talk to us, if you want to help this way.

  • Pre-planned volunteering.
    This is the most powerful form of support. We invite you to work with us remotely, to create your own “microproject”. It may be a particular workshop (like building a complex piece of equipment) or some clearly defined work (like solving the rainwater draining problem in the neighbourhood).

    Together, we will prepare whatever needs preparation: funding, plans, equipment and people. Once ready, you can arrive just for few days (however minimum of 7-10 days is recommended, to let you work in relaxed mode), complete the task and celebrate (2 more days for celebration — this is Greece ). Talk to us, if you want to help this way.

  • Online volunteering.
    We always need online associates. Most typical areas are science and technology consulting (especially once we have the hackerspace up and running), document translation (mostly from English to Arabic, Greek, Farsi — but also in other combinations), graphic and web design or webmastering. Talk to us, if you want to help this way.

  • Ambassadors and fundraisers.
    We need all possible support in spreading the word, bringing more allies in, raising awareness and funds. If you are keen and able to do it, talk to us and let us start immediately! Talk to us, if you want to help this way.


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