Our Policies

We are yet to create general policy document, but certain detailed rules are already in place (to be discussed and refined further with our friends and supporters).

Our reporting policy

We try to do majority of our work either through project-oriented donations, which are preplanned and spent on specific actions or through sponsored purchases (mostly bigger items of equipment and materials). We also have need for “general operations funding” that is used on smaller purchases or emergencies, including keeping us alive and fit to work.

If needed, we provide documents ad statements showing how we use the money we received. Due to our highly unofficial status, not everything can be documented, let alone public, though.

We also report our work, successes or failures through the website and mailing list, occasionally linking our posts to Facebook and Twitter.

Stewardship not Ownership

Due to our principles, we do not claim ownership of any equipment purchased by our donors. We consider ourselves stewards and custodians, granted the right of use and share. At any time, donors can decide whatever they wish to do with the equipment and we shall fulfill it.

Supporting local economy

We are committed to make friends with Greek community and to support local business. It is due to the reasons which are both practical and moral. The Greeks, despite their own hardship, present noble and generous attitude towards all migrants. To reinforce and reciprocate this stance, we try to bring as much money to Greece and spent it here. It means that even if a Chinese source is cheaper, we will prefer local hardware store.

Flexibility and “the fog of war”

We operate on the ground which sometimes can shift in an unexpected way. That means that we may need to change the way we work, re-allocate equipment and funds, move to new places and look for new partners. We also happen to make mistakes.

We always inform our supporters about unexpected developments, but not always can do it before we act. Please watch us closely, but trust our judgement.

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