petros-drillLocation: Thessaloniki, Greece.

Project role: Visionnary, Analyst, Boots on the ground.

Self-styled Anarcho-Boffin


  • Stock broker (Warsaw Stock Exchange)
  • IT consultant (WAN)
  • Pioneer E-commerce entrepreneur
  • Courier van driver


  • Anarchist(ish) political writer
  • Liberatory Technologist.
  • Traveling social contributor.

I am focused on technical infrastructure for freedom-oriented communities, local or virtual.

Some of my activities in this area included:

  • Poland 1980-89: small-scale production of flatbed duplication devices for underground printing. (not very relevant now, but nice to remember :-) )
  • Poland 2011: co-founding of the first Polish hackerspace in Warsaw.
  • Poland 2013: co-founding of “Cafe Kropotkin” in Lublin (within self-organised social center “Cicha 4”). Cafe Kropotkin became first place where people were meeting, sharing food, discussions, watching movies, learning languages etc. Cicha 4 doesn’t exist anymore, but miraculously there are still traces of Cafe Kropotkin on FB. Also see Cicha 4 NoLogo.
  • Poland 2013/14: PR and technical support for Polish antiphracking grassroot movement in Żurawlow ( I co-organised some awareness-raising activity, including small conference on phracking for the students of  Lublin Catholic University.
    I also provided solar power supply for the protesters on the ground, to keep online connectivity on the blockade post and run a one-day seminar for local activists on IT security.
  • Greece 2015: I co-organised first workshop on direct solar heating in Peraia, near Thessaloniki. See the whole story at
  • Greece 2015/16: I got involved in refugee support activity. I organised some raingear deliveries to Lesvos and Idomeni and then focused on designing equipment for refugees and volunteers (unfortunately I could not get enough support to start production) See: Also, I provided some technical consultancy for volunteer groups ( 
    All that time I was writing articles, promoting sustainable and pro-local ways of supporting refugees and integration with local Greek economy. I coined the ideas of “local shopping directory”and wholesale Greek food purchases in an organised form — both later implemented by others. Severe lack of funds stopped me from traveling and working on the ground, but my writings found growing group of readers throughout and beyond Europe.


A storyteller, witness of history, Bookchinite and liberatory technologist. Educator, writer, constructor.

Unemployable urban poor who works for humanity unpaid and lives on donations. No wage labour here.

Not affiliated with any official political group. Lives in Greece, in a metaphorical barrel, emitting strange sounds (mostly over the Internet).

Sometimes happens to turn stories into reality.

Tech-wise: infrastructure freak.
Self-proclaimed anarchist.

Empowering People Through Technology