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Project Daedalus

Education and technology for migrant communities in Greece

Our mission is to

  • Help community members create technical support groups, by providing tools, materials, expertise and rudimentary guidance.

  • Support them in building basic infrastructure, at the same time making them engaged in improving their environment.

  • Develop and implement „Internet classrooms” infrastructure, to boost education and communication.

  • Create and implement legal, technical and economic framework for emerging microenterprises and self-employment in solidarity economy.

All this activity is the way towards  re-empowerment of people. The essential goal is to help them get organised and educated and to make social integration easier and quicker.

The initial time-frame is 2016. After internal audit and evaluation, 2017 will be planned accordingly. However, people in the communities will not be left alone – part of deliverables is a social network of contacts and mutual support, even if the project would not be continued.

While the project aims to become a self-funding social cooperative, it will not be achieved in 2016. Meanwhile we need seed funding to the project going until it becomes sustainable. Preliminary budget document is available upon request.

We will run the project as a core team of 3 full-time contributors, coordinating work of local groups, remote supporters and allies as well as doing front-line job on the ground.


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Empowering People Through Technology