Support us!

This is a quick list of needs of Daedalus Project in the form of wishlists. More general description of various ways to support us can be found here. If you are keen and able to help us in some way, please talk to us!

  1. Regular donations. To keep us going.
    • We are still below the starvation level (300 Euro per month). Please kindly contact us if you are keen to declare even small, but regular donation for our daily costs, maintenance and internet subscription (level: 300-600 Euro/month) and renewal of our equipment (level: 600-1000 Euro/month). Lack of standing budget stops us from planning long-term and make all situation precarious. One cannot run infrastructure on a “per-project” basis.
  2. Targeted donations. To fuel specific projects or clearly defined expansion of infrastructure.
    • Window glass and other materials for winterization project: unlimited.
    • Construction and heavy plumbing tools&materials for LTG Prosfygika: ~250 Euro.
      There are serious problems with main water and sewage pipes in Prosfygika. We need to get through the wall to some trunk pipes and replace them. This is the only way to stop leaks, that are destroying walls from inside.
    • Video documentation kit for Daedalus: ~250 Euro.
      We want to deliver better information to our supporters, friends and to the world. The kit would include video digital camera, digital voice recorder, two microphones, tripod and headset. sound&video editing software is free and will be
    • Rejuvenation kit for our ThinkPad X230 laptop: ~250 Euro.
      We got it second hand and now it is slowly ageing. With few new component it will become faster again and will work for us much longer. The kit includes new battery and new 500 GB SSD storage
    • Rejuvenation kit for our Sony Vaio laptop: ~250 Euro.
      It is already 7 years old and gets pretty slow.. With few new component it will become faster again and will work for us much longer, mostly as a graphic, video and voice editing station. The kit needed includes new battery and new 500 GB SSD storage.
  3. Sponsored purchases and donations in kind.
    • We need computers (preferably laptops), monitors, tablets and smartphones in working condition. For our migrant associates — they do not have access to computers. For our laboratory (especially Computer Classroom project). And as a replacement for broken or stolen ones, what happens very often in migrant communities.
  4. Pre-planned on-the-ground volunteering.
    We are looking for makers and builders who can plan and lead infrastructure-building projects in our community. You plan and lead, we take care of fundraising and participation. And everybody is happy!
    Below there is just a sample list. If you have your own idea, talk to us!

    • Wood lathe, possibly on the concrete base.
    • Big format CNC wood router.
    • Metal Working Shop equipment according to David Gingery or equivalent projects.
    • Plastic recycling and processing line according to Precious Plastics design.
  5. Remote voluntering. We can use any amount of help online and remotely. Here is a short list of areas we are now aware of (more to come for sure). Talk to us if you are keen to help this way.
    • Written translations of technical and social documents between English and Greek, Arabic, Farsi, French, Kurdish (all dialects).
    • Conversion of technical documentation from imperial to metric system.
    • Price and availability research for equipment.
    • Setting up drop points for donations in kind in your area (Central London, anybody?)
    • Webmastering and information. Keeping our website(s) shipshape and information flowing through all channels.
  6. Ambassadors and fundraisers.
    • We are looking for ambassadors and fundraisers worldwide. Help us spread the word in your social environment, gather new allies, raise awareness and funds. Talk to us!

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