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Genius Prosfygika Loci

We are not alone here. Our struggle to keep #Prosfygika alive, livable and lively is the continuation of the struggle that lasts almost a century now. This is just a handful of pictures, showing how Prosfygika started and how the community lived through decades of extremely “interesting times”. We, here and now, just carry the torch. We fight the battles that are new and old at the same time. Our colors are more black than red or white-blue, but our enemies are the same: enemies of humanity, enemies of freedom, enemies of history.In brown uniforms, in riot gear or business suits, their aim is the same. And Prosfygika always stood in their way.

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Infrastructure Challenges

Building computer network is fun, but to keep Prosfygika a livable place, we have to face severe technical challenges. And face them quickly.

Most of technical problems we can solve on our own, provided equipment, materials and funding will be available. What we need badly are skilled people to lead and coordinate work, and to turn our unskilled people into another skilled people.

On average, squatters do not pay a lot of attention to infrastructure, once bare minimum is provided.  In single building squats the whole infrastructure is in, so it is at least visible and people have chance to check it easily. In Prosfygika, as it is a cluster of squatted apartments, there is a lot of “in-between” pieces, which are not properly maintained.

As the technical group, we focus on that part. Helping people in their individual spaces as much as we can, we decided that shared infrastructure is our priority. Because  without it, there will be no neighborhood any more.

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2016/2017 transition and New Year resolutions

2016 summary

With the change of the calendar year, several things ended and some new ones are officially started.  Here’s a brief outline:

The technical facility at Polytechnio has been effectively closed. No single entity nor person, except for direct participants of Daedalus Project, showed any interest in using the equipment installed there. Thus, we decided to move all equipment to Prosfygika, where it’s getting daily use.

Still, if anybody needs technical help, we are happy to provide it,  within our means, either in Prosfygika or on the spot, wherever needed.

The Polytechnio location, after removing the stock of materials, will be transferred anybody who is interested in squatting it for the common good.

Squatted neighborhood of Prosfygika becomes new center of operations. Laying outside of famous Exarchia, staying under the radar of mainstream volunteers and aid donors, Prosfygika hosts migrants from Morocco, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey and many more. We live and work there for several months now and the need for infrastructural support there is huge. Continue reading 2016/2017 transition and New Year resolutions

November in Greece

Mid-November is a strange time in Greece, especially in Athens. Especially if one is living close to Exarchia and anarcho-leftist groups of Greek society. Between 14 and 18th of November everything and everyone is focused on the November 17th anniversary. This is perhaps the most important Greek political anniversary: symbolical date of the “beginning of the end” of the junta (aka Regime of the Colonels) rulings in Greece. Officially dated 1967-74, it was a culmination of fascist domination period in Greece that started in 1949 at the end of Greek civil war, won by the royalist government. Desperate to keep Greece in the Western Bloc, USA and Great Britain not only allowed it, but provided material help to the fascists, effectively pushing Greece into 25 years of military and police terror and dictatorship.

17th of November 1973 is widely considered a symbolic end of that era. With massive demonstrations known as Athens Polytechnic Uprising,  the social resistance grew strong enough to bring the end to the regime (officially: 24 of July 1974). Continue reading November in Greece

Business as usual

Life goes on, over all tragedies, big and small. Immediately after my return from the UK (you will read more about that visit outcome, but later) we resumed hands-on work in Prosfygika. Winter is coming, water is leaking, new flats are being opened & cleande and — on top of that — we had a brief hail storm, dropping ice pebbles through glassless windows into our apartments…


First steps in Prosfygika

We got our first assignment in Prosfygika. Three members of LTG moved into a flat, being a challenge of itself. No hot water, malfunctioning toilet, practically no bathroom. Half of electric installation burned and dead. No door lock, more than half of the windows without glass or missing altogether. As for the winter preparation, we have a lot of fresh air and that’s it. :-) Continue reading First steps in Prosfygika

Cooperation with Prosfygika started!

We are happy to announce that the cooperation between LTG and Prosfygika migrant squatting neigborhood has been mutually agreed. Starting from HandyPack program, we will be helping new migrant families make their flats livable, build furniture and prepare existing apartments for the winter. It is a huge challenge, as there are around 50 flats that can be adapted, each can host up to 10 people. You can read more about Prosfygika here (in Greek: http://prosfygika.espivblogs.net/) and here (in English: https://en-contrainfo.espiv.net/2014/06/20/athens-protest-in-defense-of-the-prosfygika-housing-complex/).

Prosfygika brochure in English (PDF)

We will tell you more about the present and future of Prosfygika soon!

Woodworking center improvements

We are yet to install internet link to our basement, so the communication is less smooth for a while. But during last three days we managed to:

  1. Buy the last big piece of equipment — table-top circular saw.
  2. Assemble the Shelterbed — now in the version for squats: 2-level bunk bed, simple, lightweight, comfortable and robust.
  3. Set up room #2 (woodworking) so we can really work in it.
  4. Build a nice tool rack for hand tools (power tools will have their own lockable cabinet as well.

See the pictures!