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Budget for Athens

There is some update for those who are interested in supporting further activity of Daedalus

I live in the same squat as the refugees — the “New School” at the corner Sourmeli/Acharnon. I sleep like them, on the floor, and use the same amenities.
The good news is that it cut my housing costs to zero, leaving only food, personal items and city travel costs (I do not share their food, unless invited — they have very low budget).

Apart from my work on the internet connection for the community, I am trying to start the #Daedalus group here. From Thessaloniki I brought a batch of tools with me,  but the heavier equipment has to be shipped by post or courier.

We also need to build a stock of consumables: screws, nails, glues, paint, small and bigger materials — not everything can be picked at the dumpster.

So, if you really want things go ahead, may each of you send 5 money units: Euro, USD or Pounds to Bob Bollen (daedalus-bursar@libtech.website), who is a bursar of Daedalus. Times 100 it will fund a month of my work here and make real change in the life of 360 people here. Times 300 it will make us rocket ahead!

On the ToDo list we have here:

  1. Solar hot water installation and showers.
  2. Communal garden, permaculture style (there is a huge roof available for it).
  3. Better cooking amenities (to save cost of fuel): retain heat cooking boxes.
  4. Internet classroom with upcycled computers and computer projector for fun and education.

My current budget is 30 Euro, 10 of which go to buy new contact lenses (for one month), another 10 — towards some electric parts needed for internet connection. Remaining 10 Euro make my living budget for the time unknown.

So, it is up to you, how good or bad I will perform here. Your move.

Pilot phase pitch Rev. 4

For those interested in helping us — through funding, donations in kind or personal involvement — here we publish the description of the project, including schedule, background information and itemised list of essential equipment.

The structure of the document (revision 4):

  • One-page “slow elevator pitch”.
  • 3 pages of project digest.
  • 5 pages of detailed information about people behind the project and equipment we need.

If you go through it and decide your money is on Daedalus, a preliminary budget document is available on demand.

PDF version for download: daedalus-sponsor-pilot-proposal-rev-4