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Less fuel, more cooking!

Tested on humans...We have prepared and tested the “haybox cooker” (aka fireless cooker) — thermally insulated box, helping cook food in “retained heat”.
The method is simple. Instead of keeping the pot on the fire all time, until the food is ready, we boil it once and then close in tight, thermally insulated box, where it keeps cooking “itself”. Continue reading Less fuel, more cooking!

Valentine Box Mark II

Scorching hot

As you may read in the previous report, I did some extravagant work with the Valentine Box solar cooker, spending a lot of bubbles. While the cooker has proven its efficiency, I had some doubts about its durability. So I put it outside and let the sun do the testing.

Patience paid, as we can see below. Neither sprayed foam nor mylar silver foil were able to stand the scorching hot of Greek early spring sun. Even foam blocks melted at the bottom, although sightly. Even the thermometer broke, overheated. Continue reading Valentine Box Mark II