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Sun Rice

Thanks to our new friend, Alison, we obtained materials to build first solar cooker here. The bill of materials is short:

  • cardboard
  • water-based glue
  • kitchen aluminum foil
  • black spray paint (heat resistant)
  • duct tape (of course!)
  • a piece of metal rod
  • a piece of string
  • a mason jar

The construction we selected is one of most elegant and lightweight available (see http://sunnycooker.webs.com/ for details). It took us maybe an hour altogether (in two days, working as a team) to make the prototype. Continue reading Sun Rice

CookIt Panel Cooker

Thanks to advice of some good people from the solar cooking community, I decided to try another solar cooker construction, a panel cooker called CookIt. Today, I made the first test version, using MDF, alu-foil and my favourite duct tape. As a design, I took absolutely brilliant variation by Phillip King, being fully parametrised[0. You adapt it to any size of material you have and it retains all proportions and angles, while scaling] and using solely descriptive geometry means. Fantastic! Continue reading CookIt Panel Cooker