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Woodworking center improvements

We are yet to install internet link to our basement, so the communication is less smooth for a while. But during last three days we managed to:

  1. Buy the last big piece of equipment — table-top circular saw.
  2. Assemble the Shelterbed — now in the version for squats: 2-level bunk bed, simple, lightweight, comfortable and robust.
  3. Set up room #2 (woodworking) so we can really work in it.
  4. Build a nice tool rack for hand tools (power tools will have their own lockable cabinet as well.

See the pictures!

Less fuel, more cooking!

Tested on humans...We have prepared and tested the “haybox cooker” (aka fireless cooker) — thermally insulated box, helping cook food in “retained heat”.
The method is simple. Instead of keeping the pot on the fire all time, until the food is ready, we boil it once and then close in tight, thermally insulated box, where it keeps cooking “itself”. Continue reading Less fuel, more cooking!

The Secret of The Ladies’ Room

“Ladies Restrooms” are the most intensely used part of our infrastructure. These are ladies, who take care of showering kids, of doing minor cloths washing (we have separate washing machine room, doing fine) — in brief, single female user means 2-3 times more use of the sanitary facility than a male one. Continue reading The Secret of The Ladies’ Room