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Operation Big Leak. Day #1

So, we decided to face The Big Leak.

The story so far…

Some 3 years ago a squatter was trying to do something with the water connection in our block. It is unclear what exactly was his idea and nobody knows what happened. Squatters do not really boast long memory or situation awareness. Enough to say that the popular knowledge is the guy either broke the valve or punctured the water pipe.

As the water erupted, his best idea was to pour enough concrete on it to stop the leak. And then some dirt&gravel. And then some more concrete. Out of sight, out of mind as they say.

Now, I do not really know if anything of that really worked. But when we arrived here 5 months ago, the leak was happily seeping through the whole sarcophagus, growing every week. And it was already considered long-term problem. Continue reading Operation Big Leak. Day #1

The Secret of The Ladies’ Room

“Ladies Restrooms” are the most intensely used part of our infrastructure. These are ladies, who take care of showering kids, of doing minor cloths washing (we have separate washing machine room, doing fine) — in brief, single female user means 2-3 times more use of the sanitary facility than a male one. Continue reading The Secret of The Ladies’ Room